Step Up SIP Calculator

The Step Up SIP calculator allows you to calculate the returns on your SIP investments when you increase your SIP amount annually.


Wealth Gained: ₹ 7,30,918

Amount invested: ₹9,56,245

Total Amount: ₹16,87,163

You will earn ₹ 4,32,760 on your investment

Step Up Systematic Investment Plan Calculator - Step Up SIP Calculator

What is a SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method of investing a fixed sum regularly in investing. The importance of SIPs in personal finance cannot be overstated as they help in disciplined investing and wealth accumulation over time. 

What is a SIP Calculator?

An SIP Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the future value of investments made through SIPs, based on an estimated rate of return for a certain number of years.

The manual computation can be slightly labor-intensive since SIPs typically involve a monthly payment. Since the holding period for each monthly contribution would be different at any given point in time, the returns for each of these payments will differ as well.

What is a Step Up SIP Calculator?

A Step-Up SIP calculator is a financial tool designed to help investors plan and project their investments’ future value when they periodically increase their SIP contributions. This strategy helps to align investment growth with increasing income or changing financial goals over time.

How a Step Up SIP Calculator Works?

A Step Up SIP Calculator requires certain inputs to function effectively. These typically include the monthly investment amount, the expected rate of return, the investment period and the annual step-up percentage. Based on these inputs, the calculator uses a compound interest formula to estimate the future value of the investments.

Calculation Methodology

To understand the calculation process, let’s break it down:

  1. Initial Year Calculation:

    • For the first year, you invest a fixed amount monthly. The future value (FV) of this investment at the end of the year can be calculated using the formula for the future value of an annuity:FV=P×((1+r/n)nt−1r/n) Where:
      • P = Monthly SIP amount
      • r = Annual interest rate
      • n = Number of compounding periods per year
      • t = Number of years
  2. Subsequent Years Calculation:

    • For each subsequent year, the monthly SIP amount increases by the step-up percentage. The FV calculation for each year’s contributions must be adjusted for the remaining years till the end of the investment period.
  3. Summing Up Contributions:

    • Finally, sum up the future values of all yearly contributions to get the total future value of the investment.

Example Calculation

Let’s assume:

  • Initial Monthly SIP: ₹1,000
  • Annual Step-Up: 10%
  • Investment Duration: 5 years
  • Expected Annual Rate of Return: 12%

Year 1:

  • Monthly SIP: ₹1,000
  • Annual FV = ₹1,000 × ((1+0.12/12)^12−10.12/12)≈12,682

Year 2:

  • Monthly SIP: ₹1,100 (10% increase)
  • Annual FV for 4 remaining years: ₹1,100 × ((1+0.12/12)^48−10.12/12)≈58,783

Repeat this for each year and sum the future values.

Advantages of Using an Step Up SIP Calculator

Using an Step Up SIP calculator offers numerous advantages for investors:

  • Financial Planning: It helps investors align their SIP investments with growing income or financial goals, making the investment strategy more dynamic and realistic.

  • Visualization: Provides a clear projection of how investments grow over time with regular increases, aiding better financial decisions.

  • Motivation: Seeing projected returns encourages consistent investment and regular increases, fostering disciplined investing habits.

Features of a Good Step Up Calculator

A good Step Up SIP calculator should have the following features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: It should be easy to navigate, with clear instructions and an intuitive design.
  • Customizable Options: Users should be able to input different investment amounts, rates of return, and periods to see various outcomes.
  • Detailed Output and Reports: It should provide comprehensive reports that include the total investment, the expected return, and the final corpus amount.

These features ensure that the calculator is not only useful but also accessible to a wide range of users, from novice investors to experienced ones.

Limitations and Considerations

Despite their benefits, SIP calculators have some limitations:

  • Assumptions in the Calculator’s Algorithm: Calculations are based on assumed constant rates of return, which may not reflect real market conditions.
  • Market Volatility and Unpredictable Returns: The actual returns can vary significantly due to market fluctuations, impacting the accuracy of the projections.
  • Importance of Periodic Review: Investors should regularly review and adjust their SIPs based on performance and changing financial goals.

It’s crucial for users to understand that Step Up SIP calculators provide estimates and not guaranteed outcomes. Regular monitoring and adjustments are essential to stay on track with investment goals.

How to use MarcaMoney’s Step Up SIP calculator?

Open the MarcaMoney’s SIP calculator and enter the collected data into the respective fields. Here’s how you do it:

  • Monthly Investment Amount: Enter the amount you plan to invest each month.
  • Annual Step-Up Percentage: The percentage increase in your monthly SIP amount each year. For example, a 10% step-up means your SIP amount will increase by 10% each year.

  • Expected Annual Return: Input the anticipated annual rate of return. Some calculators may require you to enter the monthly return rate, which can be derived by dividing the annual rate by 12.
  • Investment Duration: Enter the number of years you plan to continue the investment.

As soon as you input the value, the calculator will automatically estimate the potential gains at the end of the investment tenure.

The calculator will display the following results:

  • Total Invested Amount: The sum of all your monthly investments over the specified period.
  • Expected Returns: The total returns generated from the investment based on the expected rate of return.
  • Total Value: The total value of your investment at the end of the period, which includes both the invested amount and the returns.

Step Up SIP Calculator FAQs

Read some of the frequently-asked questions related to SIP Calculator

Yes, the Step Up SIP calculator typically allows you to input your initial SIP amount and the step-up percentage. Some advanced calculators may also let you manually adjust the SIP amount for each year.

The step up SIP calculator usually assumes a constant rate of return for simplicity. Real returns can vary due to market conditions, so the actual investment value may differ from the projected value. It’s advisable to use the calculator as an estimate rather than an exact prediction.

It’s advisable to review your Step-Up SIP plan annually or whenever there are significant changes in your financial situation or market conditions. Regular reviews help ensure your investment strategy remains aligned with your financial goals.

A Step-Up SIP is necessary to keep pace with increasing income and inflation, enabling investors to gradually invest more without straining finances. This strategy enhances potential returns, supports long-term financial goals, and maximizes the growth of investments by leveraging the power of compounding on higher contribution amounts.

Yes, you can step up an existing SIP by increasing your monthly contributions through your investment platform or fund provider.

A Step-Up SIP automatically increases the investment amount annually by a specified percentage, aligning with income growth, whereas a conventional SIP involves a fixed monthly investment throughout the period. This allows Step-Up SIPs to potentially achieve higher returns and better meet evolving financial goals compared to conventional SIPs.

Yes, a Step-Up SIP is beneficial for enhancing returns, aligning with income growth, and efficiently achieving long-term financial goals.

To accumulate ₹1 crore in 5 years with a 12% annual return, you need to invest approximately ₹1,24,655 monthly through an SIP. Adjust the expected rate of return and the investment amount as per actual market conditions and your financial plan.


To accumulate ₹1 crore in 5 years through a Step-Up SIP with a 12% annual return and a 10% step-up percentage, you need to invest approximately ₹1,35,310 initially.